How to Repaint Furniture

(Almost) Every how-to you need to repaint your furniture with chalk paint, milk paint, or fusion mineral paint. 

Milk Paint vs Chalk Paint, My Take

I get lots of questions from friends and family about what types of paint I use to paint furniture and what my thoughts are on the different paints available.  Most of those questions center around milk paint vs chalk paint--the two hot furniture paints out on the...

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Milk Paint Vanity Makeover

Remember this giant furniture haul I found on Craigslist back in March?     Well, this great Duncan Phyfe style vanity was one of the pieces I purchased. It was in pretty bad shape, lots of chipping and missed veneer and a really roughed up top.  But, I...

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Preparing for a Dining Table Furniture Makeover

My kids have been gone this week at "Grandma & Grandpa Camp," which means I've had much more time than usual to work on projects.  We've been rearranging bedrooms, packing up baby stuff we no longer need, installing kitchen lights, and painting the...

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Six Things Every Furniture Flipper Needs

My husband jokes with me that I've become quite the handy-woman.  There used to be a lot more things I would ask for his help with, but after flipping furniture for over two years now, I can make my way around our garage pretty well.Friends and family often ask me...

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How to Refinish a Table Top or Dresser – Part 1

  I love when I get a comment or email from someone asking me for advice on a furniture project. Sharing what I have learned and helping others is why I write this blog, so when a reader seeks out information and asks for my input it makes this all worthwhile....

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How To | Prepping Dirty Furniture for Chalk Paint

Update April 2015 . . . My tips and opinions in this post ring true for pretty much any furniture project, however I now use Fusion Mineral Paint in replacement of chalk paint (any brand). I have found Fusion to be more affordable and produce more durable results,...

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What’s the Deal with Paste Furniture Wax? — Wax 101

By far the most frequent questions I get from people who are thinking about trying out the new furniture paints (chalk paint, milk paint, plaster paint) are regarding paste furniture wax. They typically go something like this: "Why do I have to use the wax?" "Can I...

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The Two Hardest Colors to Paint Furniture

I love when I get the chance to talk with a paint customer, either in person or over email, who wants to paint a piece of furniture for the first time.  I really do think that anyone, with a little help and practice, can learn how to do this. (do you know...

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Funiture Flipping Prep 101: When to Sand Furniture

I used to really dislike sanding. Way back in the day, when my husband and I first started painting furniture using latex and spray paints, sanding was always his job. I despised doing it--something about the gritty dust that gets everywhere and causes...

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Tips for Hand-Painting Designs on Furniture

Let me start out this post by saying very clearly that I am not a great artist. You may think that only someone with great artistic skills could ever hand-paint.  But trust me, that's not true! If you ask me to draw any animal just from my memory, I will put...

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Mid Century Modern Furniture Makeovers Done Right

It's been a few years now since the popularity of Mid Century Modern furniture pieces began to grow.  I think the trend is probably now here to stay, at least awhile. What used to be more on the fringe of the average decorating style has now become much more...

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Which Paint Works Best for Kitchen and Bath Cabinets?

A reader left a comment recently with a great question for me.  She had rightly noticed that for my wall kitchen cabinets I used a Benjamin Moore paint, but for my kitchen island I used Fusion Mineral Paint.   Her question was basically now that I have had...

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How to Freshen Up Old Hardware with Metallic Paint

A few days ago I showed off the Little Piggy chest I recently painted . . .     ...and in that post I mentioned that the old hardware on this chest needed a little bit of work. I'm always glad when I can get original hardware on a piece.  I do...

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Pine Coffee Table Makeover | Farmhouse Style

I have a fun makeover to share with you all today . . . Along with a brand new color and new wood technique! Say hello to this lovely orange pine coffee table I picked up at my local thrift store. This solid wood table is sturdy and the perfect size--nothing wrong...

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How to Do a Farmhouse Style Desk Makeover

Today we start off a new series! Each month this year I will be highlighting one Fusion Mineral Paint color, both online and in my Antique Company Mall booth space. I thought it would be a fun way to showcase some of the lesser-known colors and offer some...

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Fusion and Milk Paint: What’s the Difference?

Hey Everybody! Last week I shared with y'all the story of how I came to be a retailer for Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint, now as well as Fusion Mineral Paint (missed it? Read that story here).At the end of that post I promised I would break down both...

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How to Paint Mid Century Furniture

Hey friends! Mid Century Modern is a fantastic style, but it's also difficult to "do right" when you're trying to update the sleek modern style. I thought this would be a great opportunity to talk specifically about how to paint mid century modern...

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How to Paint Over Chalk Paint

It's been a little over five years since chalk paint first became popular, which is a lifetime in the world of home decor. Five years is enough time for color trends to change 3 or 4 times, for "Farmhouse style" to transition to "Boho", and for navy to become the...

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Why You Should Clean your Furniture Before you Paint It

Have you ever been working on a piece of furniture and you find that your paint isn’t sticking? I have! And it’s super frustrating. I’ve got good news though! Usually it’s a pretty easy problem to fix. Today I want to tackle one of the biggest reasons—in my...

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3 Ways to Seal Milk Paint

Today I want to do a little "Milk Paint Education" here on the blog.  Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint is such an amazing and fun paint to work with! I would love to help you become more familiar with it so you can start experimenting with milk paint on your...

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