I want to share with you one of my favorite lost and found treasures.


A beautiful French Provincial bed and dresser set that I discovered a few weeks ago.

I ran up to an estate sale in a small town about 45 north of where I live, and happened upon this fantastic furniture in one of the back bedrooms.

 And lucky me, it was half price day!  

I won’t share exactly what I paid, but it was only a 2-digit number for both–what a steal!


It was pretty banged up and a stained a dated honey color, but it had great details.

One of the drawer pulls was broken as well, but I was pretty sure I could find some replacement hardware on Ebay.

Another lady was actually looking it over also at the sale, and when she left the room to go get her husband, I snagged the tags off both pieces to claim them as mine!

I know, it sounds pretty ruthless, but you have to be quick in this business.


Both pieces are very sturdy and made of good quality wood.

I painted it with two coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. First with Pure White and then Paris Grey.  ASCP distresses really easily, so it benefits from a finishing coat of furniture wax to seal it.

Once finished, the beauty of the carved details really shows through.

really love the finished product, and wish I could keep it!  But my house is full, so up to the antique mall it goes.

What steals are out there waiting for you?

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