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I understand what it’s like to “feel all alone” when you’re running a creative business. But believe me, you’re not. There a ton of people just like you and me out there

As my business has grown, I’ve tried to keep things real, and also keep things practical. That’s why I write about business, not just pretty makeovers. 

SCROLL DOWN below to find every business related post I’ve ever written. It should be a great place to find some help, or at least know you’re not the only crazy person out there trying to bless their family by doing what they love 😉 

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If you’re a painter who orders their supplies online, then you might be interested in my PAINT PARTY CLUB

I sell Fusion & MMS Milk Paint at, and for serious painters like you, I provide a lifetime 15% off discount off any order of any size. That’s basically free shipping (and then some) off most medium to large orders. 

The lifetime discount code is sent to you after you reach $500 in total orders (but…sneak peak…you’ll also get a few coupon codes to use way before you reach a $500 total). 

Furniture Flipper eBook

Are just starting your business? Or have you been going for a while, but want to make sure you’re making as much profit as possible? 

Furniture Flipper is a great resource that I wrote for people just like you. Painters with a passion for turning their hobby into a business. 

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Posts to help you with your business

Welcome to Lost & Found’s Studio

Hey Friends! Today is the day to take you on a tour of our new Painted Furniture & Home Decor Studio! This little space has been seven years in the making.  From a rented antique booth space the size of a jacuzzi bathtub to our own brick and mortar shop,...

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4 Tips for taking your family to Disney World

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that our family recently did a little bit of traveling 🙂  We were able to spend a few days at Walt Disney World, also known as The Happiest Place on Earth (or the Hottest Place on Earth, Most Crowded Place...

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My Top Business Tools for your Creative Business

Seven years ago, on a whim, I started my business -  Lost & Found. I really was just looking for a hobby, something fun to do that would give me a creative outlet. But I knew that I needed to have it generate some income as well--I mean, why not have...

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What I Learned from My Chat with Miss Mustard Seed

Yes . . . You read the title of this post correctly! I recently had the amazing privilege of sitting down for a chat with Marian Parsons, THE Miss Mustard Seed herself!     If you've been following me for any amount of time, you know that this...

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An Attempt to Stay Authentic in a Digital World

Just a few months ago, this blog turned five years old! In those five years, we've covered all sorts of topics--from how to shop at flea markets to how to do a DIY kitchen renovation, with tons and tons of furniture makeovers in between. It's kinda fun to look back...

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New Finds for the Antique Mall: What I’m Selling

Hey friends! It's been awhile since I have posted about any of my finds.  To be honest, I'm not out on the hunt quite as often as I used to be simply because I struggle to find the time!  But I did make it to a few markets over the past month and did some Facebook...

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5 Tips to Stage Your Flipped Furniture Photos

Today I want to talk a little business with you all, specifically about how to set up and stage attractive, well-thought-out, professional looking photos of your furniture makeovers. Some of you may cringe as I mention photography, thinking "I'm just a painter!...

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New Display at Antique Company Mall Booth & Surgery Update

Today marks the 9th day since my spinal surgery (wondering why? Read about that here), and it's for sure been the best day yet! Thank you so much to everyone who left encouraging comments here as well as on my Facebook page and Instagram feed! I really felt the...

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Growing Pains | Changes Coming in 2017

Let me start off by saying I don't really have anything practical to share in this post.  No decorating ideas, or furniture painting tips, or antique finds. In a way, this is an "old school" post--more like the posts I wrote back when I first started this blog,...

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Top Posts of 2016

Happy New Year!! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday time.  For our family, this past holiday season was as full as ever--with trips to see family, kids' Christmas programs, and what seemed like a million gifts bought and wrapped! I don't know about you, but...

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Christmas Wishes and New Year Dreams

Hello dear friends! I am sending along with this post the warmest of Christmas wishes for you and all of your loved ones.     Wherever the year has taken you, my hope is that you can spend some time resting in the Joy and Hope of the Season.    ...

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How To Take Better Blog Photos Without Breaking the Bank

When I started blogging over four years ago, I was lucky because I had a lot of photography experience already under my belt. I had a great DSLR camera that I knew how to work well, and had been taught the basics of photography staging and editing. So right from...

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Achieving Big Dreams with Free Printable

Do you have big dreams? I do.  I dream about one day writing a book--not an ebook, but one of those old-fashioned paper ones, on some deep, meaningful topic. I dream about being a traveling speaker; about going to women's conferences around the country and...

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Family Beach Trip and Blog Update

Hey friends! Summer is officially in full-swing! I hope you and yours are enjoying these long, slow days and maybe grabbing some extra family time. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you probably saw that our family spent a little time at the beach about 2...

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Can You Make Money Selling at an Antique Mall?

I read a post on a blog a few years ago that detailed all of the expenses that go along with renting a booth space to sell at an antique mall. According to this blogger, it was not good news--most people who sell at an antique mall rarely, if ever, actually make...

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Just some Thoughts

We had a nasty hail storm last night right around dinnertime. It had been raining on and off all day, and around 6:00 pm it got really dark again and the weather sirens started going off.  Sadly, those things have kinda become like the Boy...

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It All Started with the Antique Booth

This February marks 4 years since I started Lost & Found.     The anniversary is easy to remember, because I moved into my booth space at Antique Company Mall just a few months before my third son was born (kinda nuts, I know!) So every year that he...

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Water Your Own Grass

I spent a good part of this past weekend at a women's gathering hosted by my church.  In the flurry of various speakers, discussion questions, and breakout sessions, there was one statement made that grabbed my attention and drove itself down into my...

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Salvaging the Lost Little House

I love old things.  I am more comfortable in a dilapidated, run-down neighborhood than I am surrounded by clean, fresh, modern buildings.  I feel at home when I am in an old place. With that said, it's kinda comical that I have landed in a very sanitized,...

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10 Ways to Develop Your Home Based Business This Year

Here is one of the biggest lessons I've learned while trying to run my home-based business: To see the growth I want to see, I needed to treat my work like an actual business.   It's not just something I do in my spare time while I'm hanging out at...

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Suncreek Market Wrap-Up

This past week I set up a small display at a local church holiday market.  I wasn't planning on it being a huge moneymaker, but rather a chance to interact with more customers about the benefits of working with Fusion Mineral Paint. Since I mainly sell Fusion out...

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5 Simple Tips for Better Photos

I don't claim to have this whole "successful blog" thing figured out, but one thing I do know for sure is that to have a great blog in the Home Decor/DIY world, you have to have great photos. That may seem intimidating to you--it certainly did to me when I first...

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My First Haven Conference

I got to the hotel a little later than I originally had planned, and so rushed up to my room to do a quick re-fresh.  After reapplying some lipstick, spraying on some perfume, and giving myself a little "You can do this!" pep talk, I rode the elevator downstairs to...

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Why I am Attending the Haven Conference

A week from today I fly out to Atlanta for the 2015 Haven Conference. It will be my first Haven, and more than that, my first blog conference ever. Last year as Haven approached, I debated with myself and with my husband about whether or not to attend.  The cost is...

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A Day in the Life of a Small Business Mompreneur

6:30 am:  Wake up to children patting your face and asking, "Are you awake?"  Wonder why in the world said children are awake so early after being up extra late the night before due to a trip to the ballpark.  Stumble downstairs to fulfill immediate requests for...

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First Fusion Mineral Paint Workshop

This past Saturday, 6 ladies from my church gathered at my home for a Fusion Mineral Paint 101 Workshop. They were kind enough to be my "guinea pigs" by attending a workshop in my home, where I could practice and work out the kinks before I begin to teach the class...

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Setting Boundaries at Work in Your Home-Based Business

I have loved creating my own home-based business. The process of starting and growing Lost & Found has been an adventure and a great blessing to my family. As a mom who stays at home with my young children, the ability to use my talents and skills...

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Vintage Market Days Recap

Hi everyone!  I had to take a few days "off" after having my first set-up show this past weekend at the Dallas-McKinney Vintage Market Days.  I was working from dawn till dusk Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and my brain and body just needed a few days of detox! I...

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To Market, To Market

Hello everybody!  Wondering where I've been? Well, at the end of last week my laptop died, and I just got it back from the repair shop today.  Yes, I know there are other working computers out there to use, but you're looking at a creature of habit here!  I just...

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Five Favorite Furniture Painting Business Posts

Garage sale and flea market season is here!  And you know what that means . . . lots of great vintage furniture is out there just waiting for a new owner and a new look. Have you ever thought about starting your own business remaking old furniture?  Whether it's...

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Restocking the Booth

Sales have been a little slow lately in my Antique Company Mall booth space. They usually take a dip around November and start to slowly rise back up by mid-March.  This year though, my sales seem to be taking longer than normal to recover,...

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DIY Plywood Plank Flooring and Booth Makeover Reveal

I'm finally finished with my booth makeover project!  Last Thursday and Friday I spent most of the day up at my Antique Company Mall space installing my salvaged-siding wall and new "plank" flooring. I left you last week with a picture of my painted siding...

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Vintage Christmas Decorations: Christmas at the Booth

Last week I gave you all a tease of Christmas up at my Antique Company Mall space when I showed you my milk paint hutch.  I have the rest of my photos edited, watermarked, and ready to go now, so I can show you the whole space! It was a major redo that...

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Behind the Paint | Next Stop on the DIY Blog Tour

When I started blogging two years ago, I had no idea how social blogland would be.  I thought it would just always be me, sitting at my computer, throwing out my ideas to "you" out there but never really connecting with anybody through it.  Boy, was I wrong!...

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Selling Out, in a Good Way

I'm having a hard time keeping up lately . . . That's probably normal for the summertime, but it's been extra crazy lately.  Furniture is flying out of my ACM booth space faster than I can replenish it. Since April, I have sold 10 pieces of furniture....

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Why I Run

If you would have asked me 5 years ago what I thought about "runners," I would have told you that they are crazy people.  The idea of waking up insanely early in the morning, running ridiculous amounts of miles, and exercising outside in all sorts of weather just...

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4 Tips for Buying Old Furniture to Restore

It seems that I have become the local "expert" on all things old and junky, particularly buying old furniture.Not a week goes by without a friend or family member asking me about some old table they want to redo or an old dresser they saw on Craigslist.While I...

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Debt Free and Disney

When I started this business a little over two years ago, I was 6 months pregnant with my third child and had a little tiny booth space (I always say about the size of a jacuzzi bathtub) that I was stocking with small vintage decorative items.  I sold a lot of...

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Tips for Making Money Painting Furniture

I've been re-doing old, cast-off furniture for about 7 years now.  It all started as an affordable way for my husband and I to furnish our home.  Then, I discovered that other people were interested in the pieces I had painted, so I decided to try my hand at making...

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Announcement and Painting Progress

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  It seems appropriate on this day that celebrates the Irish and all things green, to tell you all about a fantastic green company.  Please let me introduce to you Wholemade by Jen, an organic, all-natural line of personal skin care...

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Inside Antique Company Mall

My little retail space is located at the Antique Company Mall, which is right off the quaint downtown square in McKinney, Texas.     McKinney is a suburb of Dallas, about 10 minutes north of my own suburb, Allen.  I love going to McKinney because Allen...

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Selecting Fabric for Reupholstery | French Chair Makeover

I have made some great progress with my French chair this week!  Yay! Last week was way too busy to accomplish anything with it, so it's nice to be making some headway. Selecting fabric for reupholstery can be a headache, so I thought I would tell a little more...

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The Story of a Business

This month is the two year anniversary of the start of my business.  In those two years I have sifted through alot of "junk", painted alot of furniture, and learned alot about running your own creative business. I've always enjoyed hearing the stories of other...

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A good problem to have

It's been a challenging week here in our TX household.  Last week, my hubby left the country for a trip that would take him to a remote place on other side of the world for 12 days.  Our ability to communicate would be spotty, and totally dependent upon when he...

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Here Comes Peter Cottontail . . .

In the retail business, holidays always appear a few weeks (or months!) early. With that in mind, springtime and Easter appeared last night in my space at Antique Company Mall. I am so ready for spring! Thankfully, I live in Texas, so winter doesn't last too long...

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