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Whether you’re a first-time painter or seasoned pro I’m here to help!

I’ve helped 1000’s of others just like you learn the in’s and out’s of what they need to bring their old furniture back to life.

Saving you time and money.
And having fun every step of the way.

Get the Look You Want

Find out how to get the look you want and avoid buying products you don’t need. I promise you’re not going to screw it up!

Come and learn how to do it right 🙂

$20 Not Hundreds

You could go buy something new and mass produced for $400 or $500. Or you could spend $20 to $40, paint what you have, and be the proud owner of something truly unique.

The choice is yours.


Show Your Skills

It’s not about bragging. It’s about being proud of your home. Create a one-of-a-kind conversation piece that your friends will ask about.

You’ll go from “Where did you get that?” to “How did you DO that?


No more Googling.
Much more Painting.

How many hours have you wasted:

     a) Googling “How to paint…”?

     b) Searching Pinterest?

     c) Scrolling through YouTube videos?

What happens when no one really has an answer to the question your asking?

Do you just keep looking and looking (and looking)? 
That’s one of THE biggest reasons I created this site.

So you can stop wasting time and start finding answers.


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This is THE BEST PLACE TO START. You’ll gain confidence, inspiration, and have the courage to do it on your own. 

Plus you can learn to paint in your PJ’s! 

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It’s hard to find the help you’re looking for, especially in the small niche world of painting furniture as a business.

This short $12 eBook is a great way to jump-start your new (or existing) business. 

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Find it. Buy it. Get on with your day.

Offering the full lines of Fusion Mineral Paint & MMS Milk Paint, with fast shipping.



DIY Painter


I have learned so much from her that I make sure to watch her new videos. This lady is an awesome teacher, always willing to help everyone. Love her much!!



Creator at Down the Rabbit Hole Creations


Melanie is amazing! She’s both Professional, helpful & inspiring! Her communication with her clients is very appreciated!



DIY Painter


Melanie is clear with her teaching! She is very personal and transparent! When I buy paint it’s always shipped promptly.



Owner at Westshore Farmhouse Designs Co.


I love the blog posts shared by Melanie! Her work is beautiful and it’s so nice of her to share DIY tips and projects!

You can do it.

I’d love to show you how.


Be Excited...

Thanks Melanie! Your detailed instructions along with the resources you list actually make me excited to try this! I will be sharing this, for sure.

Be Confident...

Melanie, I am so glad I found your blog! Your tips on opening an antique booth have been the best I have found and have given me the confidence to start my own. Thank you!


Be Encouraged...

Hi Melanie! These tips are great and they gave me the encouragement I needed to try out hand-painting designs. You are a true inspiration for me. Love from Rome!

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